Released 19/06/21, Not Leaving Quietly, the brand new album from Joe Broughton's Conservatoire Folk Ensemble, is our latest release.

You can stream or download it from any of the leading platforms or name your price for a CD copy from this link:

SAE Records

Welcome to SAE Records. We produce and release the output of The Urban Folk Quartet and associated artists. SAE started life in the late 90's as Salenella Records, a self-releasing label for Joe Broughton's projects. Since 2011 all of our releases have been produced by Joe at SAE Studio, in our hometown of Birmingham, with art and design by UFQ bandmate Tom Chapman.

What We Do

In an ever changing industry, rather than a label in the traditional sense, we are essentially an independent production house. In recent years the SAE setup has expanded to cover all aspects of producing albums for professional self-release, in physical and digital formats. We have a long-established network of collaborators enabling us to cover everything from musical arrangement and album production right through to printing, manufacture, digital distribution and PR. In particular, we have developed a close working relationship with acclaimed recording, mixing and mastering engineer Andie Thomson at his high-spec Gighouse Studio as well as working with fifth member of UFQ, engineer Ben Broughton, to deliver comprehensive off-site live recording. Artwork ranges from complete in-house photography, art, and design work to collaborative initiatives with innovative artists, such as Ning-ning Li and Ellen Payne Smith.

Following the release of UFQ's Live III in late 2016, this year has so far seen SAE releases of Off By Heart, the long-anticipated new album from Dempsey Broughton, our first venture into classical music with Duo Trigás' Repertoire For Two Violins, and the first full-production studio album, Painted, from Joe's 60 piece Conservatoire Folk Ensemble. This year we have also worked with folk trio Threaded, the latest in a string of artists who have worked with us towards their own self-released albums.

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The SAE Back Catalogue

SAECD7 - The Conservatoire Folk Ensemble: Sardines, 2009

SAEDVD1 - The Conservatoire Folk Ensemble Live, 2007

SAECD6 - Ben & Joe Broughton: The Mortgage Years, 2006

SAECD5 - Dempsey Broughton: Freehand, 2004

SAECD4 - Joe Broughton: Sound Engine, 2002

SAECD3 - Dempsey Broughton: Every Other World, 1999

SAECD2 - Ben & Joe Broughton: me and my brother live, 1998

SAECD1 - The Continuing Adventures of Ben and Joe Broughton, 1996

SAE Productions Released On Other Labels

The first, eponymous album from The Urban Folk Quartet was recorded by Ben and Joe Broughton and produced by Joe at SAE Studio. It was also designed by Tom Chapman and was released by Fellside Records in 2010.

Other albums produced by Joe Broughton at SAE for release by other labels include:

Threaded: Fair Seas & Following Winds, 2017

Threaded: Of What We Spoke: 2015

Jonathan Day: Carved In Bone, 2011

Darren Black: Thinkers and Fools, 2008

Kate Doubleday: Belonging, 2008

The Old Dance School: Based On A True Story, 2008

Chris While: Rosella Red, 2007

Uiscedwr: Circle, 2006